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How does Taskulaod work?

Step 1:
Select Taskulaod size.

Select the appropriate Taskulaod size 2m2 – 5m2 from the website. Call us if you need assistance.

Your storage space is secure – only you have access to your space at all times. Taskulaod is open 24/7.

If in doubt come and inspect our premises before ordering. Send us your contact info “Request access”. We will create a one-time access to the Taskulaod premises at a time convenient for you.

Step 2:

You can place Taskulaod orders on our website – at home, in the office or any location with your smart device. A bank link can be used for paying for your chosen Taskulaod space. As a company you can elect to generate an invoice and pay by bank transfer.

Step 3:
Moving In

Taskulaod is open 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Parking is free and you’ll have direct access to the main door with your car.