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Taskulaod – storage space rental quickly and conveniently

Taskulaod is a company based on Estonian capital.

Our main service is renting storage space and providing storage services to private persons and companies. We believe storage must be convenient, simple, fast and a pleasant experience…not a dark cellar. Taskulaod offers a secure and flexible small storage solution for private persons and companies. Taskulaod premises are always warm, dry, well-lit and protected.

Storage spaces come in sizes 2-5 m2. If necessary, different sizes can be combined to achieve your required space capacity.

Spaces can be ordered from one month to several years – you can stay with us as long as you want. You have access to your belongings 7 days a week and 24 hours per day.

There are only a few limits to what you can store: deposit anything from home belongings to business supplies. Storage spaces may only be used for dry, odourless substances and/or items. The storage of environmentally or human health dangerous substances is strictly prohibited in the storage areas and common parts of the premises. Similarly, the storing of inflammable substances and liquids, weapons, narcotics and explosives is prohibited. The processing, re-casting, drying etc. of substances/fluids is prohibited on the rented premises.
The floor load must not exceed 400 kg/m2.

  • Order online
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Always open
  • Low-cost
  • Flexible

Secure storage area

The storage building is under constant video surveillance. The building has smoke detectors which are monitored by the PSAP. Only identified persons such as representatives of contractual clients have access to the premises. Entry through the main door is possible only by calling from a specified phone to a previously fixed phone number.

Taskulaod premises are located at a conveniently and easily accessible location. Cars have access to the main door and then the goods can be loaded onto carts for transporting into the building.
Your storage space is accessible 24/7.





Managing Director

Annely has led international projects at the Central Criminal Police and the Police Board and worked at the British Embassy Tallinn as the Head of Investment helping Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian companies to set up in the UK. In recent years Annely has been involved in various startups and led International projects at the Baltic Road Administration and TangentLink Ltd.



Business Development

Andrus has worked at an international logistics and storage company, where amongst other duties he developed the system for storage accounts management. Andrus has founded and managed real estate and property construction companies and has been active at that field in recent years.



Client Manager

Aljona has graduated Business School of Tallinn. She has vast experience in customer service having worked in different sports clubs. Aljona is also interested in internet marketing and continues to advance herself in that area.