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Frequently asked questions

How can I see the storage before renting?

Chose an appropriate time for your visit and share your contact details with us. We will add your number to our database and you can access the building by mobile phone call at the chosen time. If everything is according to your expectations you can sign a contract for the appropriate storage space on our website.

How much does the storage service cost?

Taskulaod rental fees start from €24,5/m2. The exact price depends on the size and rental period of the storage space. You can see the exact price by entering the required dates and space size in the order form here. At Taskulaod you only pay for the storage space – we have no security or other deposits or extra charges of any other sort. There is just one fee and it’s as simple as that!
Fees are always calculated one month in advance.

Where are you located?

Taskulaod is located at Punane 50, Punane 52, Veerenni 29, Kotka 26A, Saku 13, Laki 14A and Kallaste tn 7 (Tabasalu).
We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
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How to order?

You can order the suitable Taskulaod on our website, use the bank link to make the payment and your confirmation will contain access info to your storage space. You can move in immediately! The order form includes the possibility for companies to receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer.

Locking the storage?

The ordered storage space can be locked with your own padlock. Only you will have the key to your storage space.
Located at the address ...
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What if I need a larger space than listed?

Taskulaod offers spaces with the following sizes: 2 m2, 3 m2 and 5 m2.
You may order several spaces to have the exact space you require.


Taskulaod is under video surveillance 24/7.
The building has fire and smoke detectors and PSAP will immediately react to signals emitted.
Entry to the premises is restricted to previously registered persons and contractual clients. All movements are under video surveillance.
Your storage space is locked with the padlock you provided for which only you have the key.

Are the stored goods insured?

We recommend that you insure your goods yourself. It is sensible to extend your home insurance so that the possessions we store are also insured (ask your insurance company for details). If you currently have no insurance we recommend contacting any insurance company in Estonia – we have no preferences or recommendations.

What are the opening hours?

Taskulaod is open 24/7. Storage space can be ordered online and you can visit your space at any time.

Can the storage spaces be changed during the rental period?

Changing storage space is subject to availability – availability can be checked in the order centre on the website.
You will have to order a new space from the website and inform us of the desire to terminate the existing contract after which you can relocate your goods.

How can the goods be moved on location?

Taskulaod has 4-wheel base carts and forklift carts for pallets. Using the carts is free of charge.

Payments on the website

Ordering a Taskulaod space is possible 24/7 on our website.
Bank links to Swedbank, SEB and LHV, and also credit card can be used for payment.
Please klick ‘back to Merchant’ after completing the payment.
At Taskulaod you only pay for the storage space – there are no security or other deposits. There is just one fee and it’s as simple as that!

How to terminate the contract?

Taskulaod contracts can be made for indefinite or definite term. Definite term contracts are terminated automatically when the deadline is reached. Indefinite contracts need to be terminated with 14-days advance notice – we will then cease issuing invoices.
Belongings should be removed at the latest on the last date of the agreement. Please ensure that you leave the space in the same condition as at the start of your rental period.